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Vegan Catlady
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Agreed that there as many detox diets as there are people doing them, in removing anything from the body, its usually also helpful to stop putting things in it that impede the elimination.
I get it though. There are many perspectives.
The SAD diet is pretty much worst of the worse,so I get that UP is the only way to go from there.

I just want to be clear that in my above post about detoxing, it was in response to a definition of detox by a doctor who hadnt yet diagnosed candida. Im not telling anyone to eat an all fruit diet for candida, as I wouldnt tell anyone to do what I havent myself experienced.

Anyone can regurgitate info on the internet. Half the stuff on the internet *IS* regurgitated info. Peer-reviewed studies and first-hand real-person experiences are the most provocative sources,but its a good idea to take most of what you read as inspiration for further study.

Research is our responsibility, even with another person in charge of our care,unfortunately :/