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Vegan Catlady
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Im sorry about your experience with the docs.

In my experience its hard to find one that you can be comfortable with, even harder with an illness that some do not recognize.

I have heard good things about Nystatin when the infection is not terribly severe.
Dont feel bad though if in the end it doesnt do the job…its just one way to handle this.

If you do end up taking it again, there are studies that you can research showing some supplements taken WITH certain antifungal drugs help them to work better.
I dont have those links offhand, but they are out there 🙂

Also, your chronic fatigue came as a result of detoxing, if I understood what you posted correctly.
Detoxing should open channels of elimination, but im not sure what your detox protocol was.

If in the process of detoxing you have toxins circulating around the body and getting re-absorbed, this would be a potential result.

Its very possible you need to move your lymph or get your kidneys filtering.

Fatigue is also a result of adrenal exhaustion.
Sometimes people express this with anxiety and sleeplessness;sometimes this evolves into a complete crash and burn.

I can only speak from experience, but these are the things my naturopath has shared with me.
I now take teas to work on lymph and kidneys, and I take an adrenal support and an endocrine system support herbal remedy.

You can look-up different issues here and see if what is said resonates with you-
Dr Morse isnt for everybody,lol, as he is a naturopath with a spiritual bent to him, so dont feel bad if its not for you….but there are several vids on candida and all kinds of issues if you search for them.
He answers letter on youtube by people like you and me, for other practitioners to learn from.