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First off, I gotta say, that I think it’s really courageous of you to put yourself out there in video form like you’re doing. It’s good, because it will open the eyes of others who are not familiar with the travesty of the condition that is CFS.

Now, let me say a few quick things. Candida is NOT the root cause of your condition. Candida is the symptom of an improperly functioning immune system. Restore the immune function and you will reach a cure. This is not possible through diet/probiotics/antifungals alone. These are great tools that will allow you get the candida/inflammation under control, but once that is done, you have to begin addressing the underlying cause itself. Mercury poisoning, as TheChosenOne alluded to previously is a VERY common culprit that you will want to investigate.

Some questions: Do you have any amalgam fillings? Do you eat a high-fish diet?