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Vegan Catlady;55497 wrote: I get so frustrated when docs call eliminating junk food a detox.
” For this detox diet I was restricted to eating veggies and fruit, beans and legumes, quinoa, fish and seeds. There were also tons of supplements with the detox. I was on a bunch of stuff to assist my liver and kidneys with elimination.”

A detox shouldnt burden your body with so much fiber and fat. Fish has too many contaminants to be on a detox.
If you werent detoxing, this is a super healthy diet.

A detox usually consists of very easily digestible whole-foods, like fruit . Some veggies are okay, but most are not.
Veggies are traditionally added to a detox when the detox is moving too fast, and it needs something clean to slow it down.

Since you said there were many supplements,and you were eating challenging-to-digest foods such as beans and quinoa and fish, I would say your bod was and still is overwhelmed with whats in it. Its quite possible that once you clean it out and get everything filtering nice, your fatigue will only be a matter of building your adrenals up.

Im a fan of keeping it simple.
Simple foods, very few supplements. This way its much easier to see what helps and what doesnt.

There are likely a variety of detox diets out there and not all of them contain fruit and not all of them contain fish…there likely are so many detox diets that there is a full spectrum of what foods it may or may not contain. The way I look at it, any diet that goes away from the western american diet is a detox diet lol. Fish has a variety of beneficial properties and it digests rather quickly so it may have brought him benefit vs. detriment. Atleast it wasn’t a detox diet with beef and pork or peanut butter and bread! I am sure his naturopath knows about what exists in the fish and made a decision based on his education, etc.