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kart10;44726 wrote: The problem is: I have absolutely no GI issues, and no visible yeast anywhere. I don’t get bloating, gas, pain, diarrhea or allergic reaction to anything. But, I could swear that whatever I experienced on Diflucan was not a Placebo effect. I was miserable the last couple of years, and still am. I feel like I am disconnected from everything. Sort of wobbly. Like the feeling of waking up from a surgery but not being able to fully wake up. Very tired – mental tiredness.. I can not think clearly, and I have a hard time visualizing things in my head. I can’t close my eyes and visualize a scene.. It is very choppy. I sometimes think 5 things at once extremely fast and they mix up. I wake up very tired and in need to rush things.. Like I am running a marathon or something… I can’t sit calmly, watch the trees, or watch TV without feeling rushed. And all of these symptoms went away when I took Diflucan the four days that I took it. My doctor said it was all in my head and she recommended me to a psychiatrist.

I have graduated from a very top University with an engineering degree, and I can’t do the work I want to do. In addition, my sleep is horrible. My doctor attributes my symptoms to depression, sleep disorder, and OCD over yeast because I have no visible symptoms and all the blood work came normal including MRI, CAT scan, lyme, candida anti bodies etc..

Thanks guys. I know I am a bit obsessed about this, but it is scary being this way. I feel like I am half alive. I have been this way ever since dropping the anti biotics for acne, and never recovered.

Well, just from your symptoms you don’t sound healthy. And you aren’t alone in the OCD/sleep disorder/depression and graduating from a top university boat. 😉

Dysbiosis is common, with conventional American diet, antibiotics, steroids, and toxins, etc,. etc,.

I encourage you to stop over-thinking so much and concentrate on getting healthy. Keep this simple. OCD isn’t easy but in my personal experience it lessens as the body gets healthy. Take out ALL the junk and put in the good. Think of OCD and depression as a SYMPTOM of your body saying: HELP ME, I’M SICK. NOT as something separate as “conventional medicine” preaches.

Good luck and please update us on your journey.