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K5750s;29349 wrote: My doctor doesn’t seem to think candida really exists.

Candida is very common with any illness requiring long term heavy antibiotics such as TB, Lymes, HIV, etc. which is well documented. Even though my GP dx’d candida they didn’t even know there were tests to prove such even when I mentioned there were. Recently, printing this blood test information out and showing them a download of the similar test from the lab he uses resulted in an immediate ordering of the test. Go figure: suppose not many Dr’s are willing to do even the simple research about candida.

K5750s;29349 wrote:
For a while I’ve been going back and fourth between believing my doctor and believing that I have candida, until last month when I threw out the notion that candida was possible and went on a dairy, sugar and carb binge, eating cheese, bread and chocolate and drinking milk every day. I felt great while I was eating all those things but a couple weeks later, upon my first day of ovulation I fell apart emotionally and physically. I got depressed again, had heavy PMS and mood swings, acne, headaches, had an ovarian cyst rupture and got a vaginal yeast infection. I now really think candida is my problem. Is there an explanation to why I felt really great while eating dairy, carbs and sugar? How likely do you think it is that all my symptoms are candida related? Is there any sort of self test I can do to confirm it or any telltale signs? Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.


The spit test is unreliable but, the blood test will show what’s going on withIN the body, not just the GI tract which the stool test shows.

Can fully relate to swaying back and forth about thinking candida is real as it’s such a complicated subject that western medicine doesn’t really address properly and it’s mind boggling shifting through all the mis information on the topic. Seems every site has their own opinion about a candida diet: even this forum has the sites diet list versus this forum’s stricter diet. Once you dive further into this subject and co-factor conditions you probably realize this is genuine and can be mind bogglingly complicated to unravel the enigma. Though, it can be done – we all need to remember that.

I embrace thinking about candida as a symptom rather than a stand alone illness: it’s an opportunistic organism leveraging whatever body imbalances there are and then causing other imbalances itself. For instance, once candida turns fungal as in Candida Related Complex which we discuss here, it bores through the intestinal pores to enter the blood stream. The immune system mounts an immune response to the mycotoxins in the blood (they also burden the liver). In addition, the large intestinal pores allow large molecule food particles to pass through (called leaky gut) which the body also mounts immune responses to these ‘invaders’ with every meal. The double whammy of immune responses taxes the adrenal/thyroid axis since they regulate the immune system. This also effects metabolism since the HPA axis regulates metabolism and a slow metabolism is favorable to candida by allowing food to ferment within the gut. A series of negative feedback loops if you will.

Think many histamine/allergic responses are due to leaky gut and not true food allergies since it’s due to the large molecule food particles rather than the food itself.

Also, many vit/min deficiencies are commonly involved (if not caused by candida related dysbiosis) which are critical to the endocrine function. Iodine, iron, vit C, trace minerals, etc…. are very helpful in supporting adrenal/thyroid function. This could be why you experienced some hormonal issues since the endocrine regulates many body systems through various hormones including the stress response. Going to low carb/sugar is ideal in treating candida but, a sudden shift might put the body into a stress response to no carbs called ketosis which creates another negative feedback loop draining adrenal/thyroid reserves even more. Besides, if vit/min reserves are low at treatment onset and not being properly supplemented a heavily restricted diet can deplete them further. I know I got much sicker and developed all sorts of never experienced before worrisome symptoms due to trying to ‘not feed candida’. Let’s face it, candida feeds on everything and it seems to me, getting too scared about food and starving yourself is only giving candida another edge. Besides, the stress of being afraid of food works against a healing path.

I tend to think many so called candida symptoms are really symptoms of these other underlying conditions rather than just due to candida: such as allergy responses, low body temps, etc….

I’m NO EXPERT- only another sufferer whose trying to piece together their own healing path forward and trying to shorten peoples learning curves where possible. The more we share our individual understandings/research the more valuable the collective consciousness becomes. Much of the above negative feedback loops and underlying conditions are taken into consideration and built into this forum’s protocol: albeit subtly at times.

Blessings and hope I didn’t confuse you too much. Hang in there and keep trying.