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Hello again Forum

Thank you Raster and Clare for posting your replies to my posts in early Oct 2012. I know this is a long time between posts, especially for someone as desperate as me to get well. Rest assured I did not drop off the face of the earth and have been continuing to work on various treatment options, including the many useful suggestions you provided at the time.

I’m still not in a great state, although that is in part due to choices I have made (for instance to continue playing sport and not go on a strict diet all the time), but I am planning for the six months over winter when I can make another serious assault on my health.

In the meantime I have some more big questions/comments I was looking for some feedback on:

* Antifungals: I have hit myself with a sledgehammer with v.high doses of antifungals for years, without probiotics. I partly don’t regret it because I thought it was the right thing at the time, and it did give me some quality of life I hadn’t had in ages, so I could at least function! But I now realise this was a bad choice & I have to change. The prob now is that I am clearly addicted to v.high doses of antifungals. I can’t go one day without them without seeing my symptoms return with a vengeance. I don’t know exactly why this is the case. I thought the antifungals would kill the candida. But clearly the candida is bouncing back on a daily basis and perhaps the antifungals are killing the good bacteria too. Have I abused my body so hard with antifungals that I have seriously whacked the good bacteria too? I keep reading that oregano oil, olive leaf, wormwood, grapefruit seed extract etc only target the bad bacteria, but I find that hard to believe. Any opinions? I need good advice because I take these on a daily basis (rotated).

* Probiotics – I think this is the missing link. Raster brought the point home. I have clearly not supplemented treatment with good flora. This is what I have tried to fix over the last four months. Unfortunately the gains I’ve made have been minimal. I drink 300ml of milk kefir on a daily basis, and used to drink about the same of water kefir, but as soon as I take away the antifungals the symptoms return big time. Clearly ingesting huge amounts of kefir makes little or no difference. I don’t understand this – I thought it was packed with huge amounts of good bacteria that would crowd out the bad bacteria and restore balance. For this reason and others I am suspecting that candida is not the only problem, or may not even be the main problem (that’s another story).

* Mixing antifungals & probiotics – have I just been cancelling them out? Specifically, do the antifungals just kill whatever the kefir & capsules put in, even if I space them out by 12 hrs? In other words, should I try to get on probiotics but no antifungals? (this will be v hard without a v v strict diet)

* Eating blended up raw swedes – good antifungal? Does it do the job of keeping the fungus low but not harming the probiotics?

* Stools: I don’t really have any problem with my stools. I go once a day usually and the stools are firm but smooth. Textbook really. Is this a sign that candida is not the issue? Or is it a sign that the antifungals are doing a job? Do you have to have heaps of flatulence & irregular bowel movements to have candida?

* Symptoms: I strongly believe (after a lot of thought and some feedback from others) that the main symptoms (anxiety, weakness, shaking, histamine-like reaction) are not in fact directly the result of candida toxins, but some kind of ultra-exaggerated immune system reaction of the body, whether against the candida yeast or something else. I have had several periods (lasting hours) where I am virtually symptom free, and the bad symptoms can sometimes set in within a few minutes. Likewise if I feel rotten I can often take a lot of antifungals and the next mornign I feel like new. Sometimes I have to say the opposite occurs – ie feeling OK then take antifungals & my body reacts badly. Anyway these changes seem too sudden to be accurately describing candida symptoms. Able, Raster and other ‘experienced campaigners’ – what are your views?

* Die off: to be honest I’ve never seemed to have it (at least much). What does this mean?

* Candidase – what is your view? Will huge doses of Cellulase really eat the bad bugs??

* SF722 – thanks for the tip. I’ll try that. Are you saying that antifungals are bad news but SF722 is unique and different?

* Coconut oil: tried that and it didn’t seem to work, plus it has v high salicylates/amines which are a killer for me – make me anxious & hyper.

* Strictness: I take your points that you have to be committed and not ‘half-assed’. I feel I would be more committed if I knew what to actually commit to, and had some certainty that the commitment would work. I have to be honest (not an excuse just being upfront) my experience on 2.5 mths of strict diet was OK but did not see a transformation or anything, and the symptoms returned within 17 days of very modest inclusions of ‘Stage 3’ foods. This is pretty demoralising. Unless perhaps the probiotics are the real key if I try it again. I am currently working with my doctor to investigate whether there are other factors in the mix. Any experience or tips here? Has anyone had to take a step back or sideways to address some other parallel conditions that could be holding them back?

* Heavy metals: One of my big theories at the moment is that the thing that’s holding me back is overload of heavy metals. Should I start chelating hard right now? Is the presence of heavy metsls causing my body to be hypersensitive to any toxins or fungal matter? In other words is it perhaps not the amount of candida growing in the body, but the fact that my body is overreacting to what are in fact normal (or even low) amounts? Anyone have any views on this? I have been reading a lot about chelation over on Curezone, and some people are saying that you will never beat down candida unless you get the metals down too. Views?

Thanks once again for reading. I appreciated your help last time and I hope to hear from some wise voices once more.

Guitar 02