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ridcandinow wrote:
Thanks for your responses. I hit the insert image button and it is not allowing me to attach photos, rather I am not doing it correctly.

The spots on my outer lips started off brown but now they are black. The spots on my outer lips do not itch or cause any pain. However they are very dry and peel and flake a lot. The internal ones that are inside of my mouth feel rough but remain brown. The spots on my tongue are black.

I have been consulting naturopathic doctors. They are pretty baffled at my condition and do not know what to tell me. One recommended flax seed and Beta glucan. She said these will get my immune system up and rid my body of fungi. I will report back to you as it’s on order.

Thanks so much for your responses. I am not giving up and hope to get rid of whatever this is very soon. The first 5-6 years of having it I was discouraged because I only dealt with Western medicine but now that I have learned more about alternative treatments I know it can be achieved. Just have to find out what this is so I can properly supplement.

Raster- What supplements are you taking? Just curious. Thanks again.

I really would look for a skin specialist. If you don’t feel safe, take another one. You have to go to the bottom with it and not only guess.

yours Thomas