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many sparrows
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Enjoy the gains you’ve made!

In my experience though, to really get this stuff under control, you have to fight a really tough battle, and the only way to do that is to at some point go all out to seriously reduce the levels of candida to where they are in balance in your gut. I spent years taking anti-fungals and probiotics, and finally realised that if I took caprylic acid on the one hand but then ate something which fed the candida on the other hand, overall I wasn’t getting anywhere much, although the anti-fungals kept my SYMPTOMS down to acceptable levels.
The diet many people follow on this forum is very strict to start with ,but gradually introduces more and more foods over time,which I find helpful because you feel that you can move forward,and that gives me more motivation to be diciplined with the stage I’m at.But at the same time(read the many, many posts on this forum) I and others do find that if you aren’t absolutely determined to attack the candida until you win (which might take 6 months, or even a year)the problem is never really solved.
Eating fruit or corn, for example, would feed the candida, let alone a few mouthfuls of dessert, and so you will be counteracting all the hard work you’ve put in. Although you can feel so much better just keeping the candida down, if you are still feeding it, its just lurking there ready to increase and then you wonder why you feel so ill,AGAIN.
Hope I’m not discouraging you — I just know that I was far more discouraged before NOT knowing this. Now I have the amazing info from this forum I feel I’m finally getting somewhere, although it IS tough. I’ve got to the stge where the strictest of regimes seems easier than living with an enemy in ny gut which is trying to overpower me.