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It could be the alcohol…it might hit you hard(er) because you aren’t feeling (super) well already.

Ranger, would you describe the “reaction” feeling as any of the following?:

-burning feeling almost like a rug burn? Typically hits the limbs more when compared to the rest of the body.

-weird heavy feeling at the top of your head?

-a general heaviness, sorta like you have a backpack on?

-very light ringing of the ears?

-a head change, almost like a switch flipping in your head?

These are the typical candida reactions I get when I know I ate something I should not have. I had them a ton more during the die-off part of the diet (regularly). Now I rarely get it, only sometimes when I smoke or have salad dressing.

Other symptoms include hyperventilation, headaches, anxiety, and mucus production to name a few.

How far are you into the diet?