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Here’s able’s response to a different enzyme post recently:

All of his responses are pretty much the same in regards to this topic.

The way I look at it is that the enzymes bring great benefit and can really turn a struggling patient/person around just by this supplement alone. It helps break down foods which is very important if you have a digestive disorder. Each enzyme breaks down a type of food such as meat, vegetables, fiber, grains, etc. Enzymes also destroy biofilms which me and dvjorge (mostly him) discussed a few times. Enzymes help with die-off toxins and detoxification. I believe their benefits outweigh any problems that able raises. Enzymes also heal leaky gut.

Here is some basic information about enzymes:

In my opinion all candida sufferers are likely deficient in enzymes and this is related to digestion. We all have digestion problems that started a long time ago and we all likely haven’t chewed our foods well throughout most of our lives. We may need specific enzymes as well, such as ones for the pancreas, small intestine, etc. These specific enzymes can be prescribed by a naturopath and relate to seperate bacterial or other gut flora imbalance you may have in your body. For instance, if you have sibo or h.pylori…these can be healed by specific enzymes (I don’t know which ones).

I’ve never taken bitters so I don’t know how effetive they are or not. I talked at length to my naturopath about bitters vs. enzymes and he feels the bitters are best if you have a specific organ that needs to be healed. There are many different kinds of bitters and each work differently. The best bitters in his opinion are spanish bitters; these are incredibly rare and hard to find in general. There are also lemon, orange, grape, and a few other types of bitters.