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alexalgebra;43531 wrote: I have had some ridiculous amounts of food intolerances. I tested for some through a Carroll test a few years ago, but with my leaky gut/candida issues, I was essentially intolerant to just about everything before I went on the strict diet. Literally, all I could eat without a reaction was eggs, small bits of rice, and a couple kinds of fruit and nuts. No legumes, gluten, corn, soy, dairy, nightshades, several kinds of vegetables, etc.

It’s not bad, and it isn’t on a schedule. It has improved slowly but surely over the last five months. I was previous unable to digest anything raw, and now I can take down salads like a champ! So I know that things are improving, I just am frustrated that they are inconsistent and I can’t pin down what triggers a good day vs a bad day. (But overall, all days are better than they were!)

I had the same problem prior to starting the diet. I was allergic to almost everything that had sugar in it. I wonder if it’s just a reaction to the sugar in the food and some foods just being more difficult to digest for a system in such a weak state. Some days I wonder if my system could digest a piece of watermelon, lol. I am no expert but I would imagine as your digestive system heals and your flora balance improves, your food allergies should subside. At least that’s what I’m hoping for and seems to be the consensus of all the info I’ve read.

I think if you continue to choose foods that are easier on your system and like you said you chew more (something I have trouble remembering too, lol) Your system will get stronger every day.