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alexalgebra;43496 wrote: Hey all!

So I’m doing pretty freaking awesome, except for one thing! I just can’t quite get a grip on my digestion. This is probably just me being impatient because I’ve come so far after such a long, long, looooong journey (yes, this leg has only been about 5 months, but there was quite a history before I got here), but I was wondering if anyone had any advice.

My digestion has greatly improved, through the use of probiotics, kefir, and l-glutamine powder, but it isn’t solid yet. It’s wildly unpredictable, which is what is the most frustrating! I can eat the same thing two days in a row, yet one day, it will all digest just fine and the next it will all come straight through me (sorry for graphic imagery). There have been no noticeable patterns from food, supplementation, or life events that I can figure out (life events being stressful situations etc.)

I have tried doing hcl and bitters, but they didn’t seem to do much for me. I don’t get a lot of bloating, reflux, or gas, unless I keep eating far beyond when my body tells me it’s time to stop. Sauerkraut gives me some gas, but otherwise my gas is just as unpredictable as my digestion. Some days, no problems, other days, I have a lot and it’s really pungent :/

I also will randomly react to foods, but not always the same foods, and again, completely unpredictable. One day, I’m fine, the next day, I eat some veggies and feel like I’m going to go down face first. It’s so weird!

Any advice would be welcome, although I’m guessing the best advice is just, “BE MORE PATIENT, RUSHY MCRUSHERTON!”

I just want to be a little bit more stable in that department before I start adding any major foods back in.


I am not sure what stage are you in, but here is my case… might be helpful for you, maybe…

I also have same unpredictable digestion, like one day one thing work and at another day same thing wont work.

but in my case, it was mostly some reintroducing foods (such as nuts), or some testing foods (such as buckwheat)… once I drop it for a day or two, digestion gets normalized pretty soon.. Although problem would come back when I would reuse these items again because I was too hungry 😀