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I used to use enzymes, but I don’t feel like they really helped either. I know one thing has helped is when I remember to chew my food 30-50 times per bite, which I’m pretty good about now, but I’m still in the habit sometimes of EAT EAT EAT GO GO GO and I forget. I’m wondering if that plays a part, since I can’t trace my issues to anything food/supplement/etc. related.

I don’t eat any fruit; I’m not quite ready for that yet. I want to knock out this digestion stuff before I start adding anything sugary back in. I am not currently adding any extra fiber, but I eat a lot of buckwheat and oat bran (1-3 servings a day, depending on the day), and I add high fiber hemp powder to my morning cereal. I also, obviously, eat tons of veggies.

Is that brand better than NOW? I can get the NOW one pretty cheap at a local place, I think. I was using Renew Life’s gentle fiber blend, but it’s kind of out of my price range for the moment :p