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The last time I had candida was 20 years ago. Initially I was going to a Naturopath who put me on the candida diet and a bunch of other stuff including MSM, Nystatin and thyroid hormones… the latter was not a good idea since I was already going down to 145lbs (I’m a 6ft tall male) the stuff just hyped me up and made me more nervous. When I talked to other candida patients going to him they all got exactly the same cookie-cutter prescriptions. At some point we had to go to an MD since the insurance was not going to cover the Naturopath and after 6 months the bills were adding up.

I was fortunate to find a MD who had Naturopathic tendencies and was treating candida patients. He immediately took me off of the thyroid (after a ramp-down period) and Nystatin and put me on Diflucan for a few weeks (and sylamarin to help protect the liver). And then a couple of months later he had me go back on it for a few weeks to make sure. It really did seem to work pretty quickly. But maybe it was because I’d already been on the candida diet for some months? Still, it did seem to finish it off.

This time around I’m holding off on the diflucan – it is apparently pretty tough on your liver. Also, it seems kind of like the same antibiotic philosophy that got a lot of us into this mess in the first place: there are probably beneficial fungi that we need (yes, that can be difficult to consider at this stage, but probably true).