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Does anyone have access to a list of all the different strains of candida?
Which are the most common strains?

There are believed to be at least 154 different species in the family of Candida. Clinically speaking, the most well known are:
C. Tropicalis (probably the most benign type of candida)
C. Albicans (also called monilia and the most common type)
C. Parapsilosis (significant agent for sepsis and tissue infections in immuno-compromised patients usually found in hospitals)
C. Glabrata (prevalent among those who have a weakened or compromised immune system)
C. Krusei (usually found in immunocompromised humans)

Which are the most stubborn to get rid of?

It’s my guess that Glabrata infections are the worse since they have the highest mortality rate.

Is it possible to test for a particular strain?

I’ve spoken with one particular female member who was diagnosed with Candida Glabrata, so it appears that this is possible at least to some degree.

Do some antifungals work better against some strains than others?


Does it make any difference what strain one is actually suffering from?

Probably, but most sufferers never know this for absolute certain.