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I will chime out here.

First, the anticandida diet was created by a MD like all the research about this syndrome. The advances regarding to treatment, discoveries, and research belong to the mainstream medicine no to the alternative field.

Since most MD don’t know about this syndrome and people don’t find easy solution, the naturopath word found a chance to make money inventing anticandida treatments that most of the time don’t work or offer some symptom relief only.

The anticandida diet was created to avoid an increase of yeast colonies in the intestinal lumen during antifungal therapies. It is necessary so far since any known antifungal stops the yeast growing totally if you feed it. However, during a yeast infection, candida no only growths in the lumen but penetrates the intestinal lining infecting it. This part of the infection ( the intracellular ) isn’t affected by any kind of diet. The only way to target it is bloodstream way or with an absorbed antifungal drug ( systemic drug )

So, do what you do regarding to the diet you eat, if you don’t target the cells, there always be a latent infection ready to spread again.