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I have a similar sentiment. Theres so much conflicting information. I think its about tipping the scales in favour of anti-candida. For instance if you’re eating an anti-inflammatory diet you’re still allowed some inflammatory food, you just need to make sure that it evens out as anti-inflammatory over the course of the day.

Im the same as you in that i have extremely low body fat. There are other important health aspects such as weight and energy. Eliminating nearly all sugars but retaining some in carbs is okay, i would have thought, as long as you are still fighting the candida. I simply can’t eat just veg and meat. My girlfriend would kill me and id whither away. Rather im sticking religously to the website diet (with some lentils now and again) and focusing on building up my friendly bacteria.

I’m having huge die off but i have also had some really positive signs so i must be doing something right. I think its what works for the individual.