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Carla, I definitely think you should change a few things prior to your surgery. Unfortunately, this will require putting aside your fight against the Candida somewhat, that is if you’re still doing the treatment at that time. But I would also advise you to start the treatment back a week or so after your surgery.

I would add more protein for one thing; the best choices are still eggs, chicken and fish, but I would definitely have these everyday at least twice a day until your surgery. You could also add dried beans maybe once a day and even replace of one serving of chicken or fish with the beans occasionally.

Stop taking your antifungal supplements, all herb products, and both vitamin A and vitamin E until a few weeks after the surgery.

As far as vitamins are concerned, you could also make a few changes there.

Vitamin C, take at last 3000 mg a day. Vitamin C can help your body heal much faster than without it as well as prevent nausea after the surgery.

You should continue taking a high dose of probiotic between now and surgery and especially after surgery if you are given an antibiotic.
Which one are you taking at this time and how many doses a day?

If you have individual vitamin D3 capsules, you should be taking these prior to surgery because of their ability to repair bone tissue.

Zinc, calcium and magnesium are necessary as well. Zinc is of major importance for wound healing, regeneration and repair. I don’t have to tell you how important calcium is for bone health and repairing damaged bone. Magnesium is involved in approximately 300 biochemical reactions which can help you heal.
You can also find amino acids in supplement form; two important ones to take before surgery are L-Arginine and L-Glutamine. These are for wound repair and healthy immune function.

Good luck to you, Carla.