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Day 10-12

ONLY eating fish, chicken, green veggies, turnips, radishes, water, sunflower butter, tahini, goat cheese.
Supps= 8/10 Chlorella tablets, bentonite clay (soaked for a day) a few times a week, oxy-mag a few times a week. Sage enemas a few times a week. 4-5 tbs of coconut oil, 3 caps of Aloe+Herbs. Moly as needed, 1,000 Vit. C or more, 4,000 D3, 6 drops of Oregano oil twice daily.
Teas= 4 cups of green tea, 4 cups of nettles alternated (1 type every other day). 2-4 cups of Pau D’arco daily.
Exercise= Sun salutation 3-5x a few times a week, walking for exercise a few times a week.

Day 10 was my ureka day, as I had hoped. The Vit. C was a Godsend. My body was fighting so hard before that that I was beginning to get worried about the stress. Much more energy now, in fact I only get about 6 hours of sleep. I’m getting up between 4:30-5:30 every morning. I take a short nap every day though.

Caved in and got the YeastCleanse. It’s all I can afford right now. I took 3 yesterday. Instant constipation. Nose started running. I popped a moly and felt better. This morning, I had a BM and popped another 3 YeastCleanse caps.

I’m concerned about this (almost ) constant “clicking” in my nose and sometimes tingling in my brain. Ever since 911, (live w/n walking distance of site) I’ve been plagued with sinus issues. An MRI showed nothing unusual. A sinus specialist told me to use over the counter sinus meds. I popped those like candy for years, against my better judgement. Compromised liver/kidneys perhaps? Several courses of antibiotics, always as a last resort. Anyway, I feel like there some bacteria roosting in my sinuses.

A top priority is purchasing the Swedish bitters and the LM22 (?). I just can’t afford to get any more supps at the moment. Yarrow tea was recommended & I’d like to include that in my tea rotation. Drink so much tea has really helped w/ fluid intake.

I stopped 2 hormonal supps but now I’m bitchy and mean. I plan to get some Shatavari today. I used it for a few years until switching to Estrovera. It works but its vastly weaker. My ND told me my hormones are all screwed up. I took Evamist (HRT) off and on for 18 months. I’m positive that screwed me up royally.

“One candida waste product produces a false estrogen, which tricks the body into thinking it has produced adequate levels, signaling a reduction of its own estrogen. Estrogen will literally feed candida growth, which is why birth control pills and estrogen replacement therapy put women at a greater risk of developing candida.”

What I need, most of all is TOTAL BALANCE. I’m doing a lot of meditating, energy work and sacred breathing techniques. Sometimes I feel like I’ll NEVER get better no matter what. It’s been over 5 years of dealing with this… This diet is really my last hope. As soon as I can get a read on WTF is going on w/ my pancreas, I can continue w/ acupuncture and hopefully throw in some abdominal massage. Right now, the acupuncture aggravates my pancreas.

I’ve been collecting recipes. There’s a soup made w/ zucchini I plan to try. Some Teff pancakes too. People all over the net are raving about coconut flour bread. I’m terrified to include any starch carbs. I LOVE CARBS and I feel like I’ll start eating fewer veggies and get lazy and psychologically addicted. Carbs = love for me, right now. As I’m feeling quiet lonely and sad, they basically become my roommate. Maybe in a few months?

Yesterday I went to Westerly and got some arugula, radishes, okra and cukes. I need variety if this diet is going to work. (I dutifully peeled the cukes.) Arugula is so delicious! Like an idiot, I didn’t get any dandelion. Raw dandelion is so awesome for your liver. It’s like a superhero cape for your liver.