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Thanks! The papaya does contain 1 g of sugar. Yikes! So, in my first week, I’ve actually had a few g’s of sugar daily. Damn! No more papaya. The discomfort in my left side is gone now anyway. Thanks for the heads up re: B-Complex. That would explain a really weird symptom I had a few months back when I was taking it on the regular.

Wow! Just looked more closely at my Estrovera supplement for hot flashes. It has malodextrin. Damn again! No wonder I’m not really seeing any yeast come out! Hate to stop this but it’s worth it if the results allow me to stop for good.

I think I have a very stubborn case and I’ve probably a screwed myself by taking micro amounts of disguised sugar for the first week. And yet, my die-off symptoms are large and in charge… All I can do is keep going, take out the f’ed up supplements. I’m planning to do the strict diet anyway for 6.5 months just because I’m at my wit’s end with my digestive system and hot flashes. I’ll probably even take out the goat cheese as long as my leaky gut doesn’t return.