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alexalgebra;32891 wrote: There are other enzymes you can take aside from the papaya ones that might be better for candida. I think raster suggests one called Pro-gest? Something like that.

I would also recommend omitting the tahini, sunflower butter, and goat cheese due to mold possibilities.

I’m getting some similar die-off symptoms to you as well! The vitamin C has been helping.

Thanks so much! The vitamin C worked like a charm, thank goodness! I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold up much longer.

I did some cursory research on the goat cheese and nut utters, the cheese is fine (I was just taking it for my stomach but I’m feeling like I no longer need it). Pistachios and peanuts are supposed to be the nuts to avoid. I’m limiting my butter intake to 2 tblsp a day for now. They are quick easy protein that eliminates hunger for a substantial time when I need to eat fast. I’m thinking that my hypoglycemic symptoms will abate at some point. The butters with celery are a great travel snack for the short term. I hope they don’t retard my journey….I’m in it for the long haul though.

This person has a diet posted that worked for her, much more complex than mine, and she advocates certain nut butters. (Just found this).