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raster;40804 wrote:
If you get candida symptoms after eating meals this means you are allergic to what you are eating and that you are feeding the beast. You need to test out each and every item separately to determine which items are problematic. Just because these items are listed as “safe” on some candida diet you have seen doesn’t mean that most people view these items as “safe” and that you can consume them all you want.

Hello and thank you for your post. I am new to the forum (my first post!) and have been on the candida diet for almost a month now. I have two questions regarding your post;

1, how do I know if I am experiencing Die-off or if I am allergic to some of the Foods that I am eating?

2, Concidering die-off, would it not be better for people to ease in to the candida diet rather than starting with the cleanse? It would make sense both for not getting as much die-off as well as getting some time to adjust and learn about the diets. What are your thoughts on this?