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I would examine the foods you eat as the cause. A lot of the foods you are eating we do not recommend on the strict forum diet. I’ve tried out these items throughout the 1.5 years I’ve been on the candida diet and almost everything you are listing should not be consumed in high amounts or daily.

Wheat is very problematic and its basically like opening the window when you have a a house fire; this feeds candida greatly.

Quinoa is a grain and is high in starch; it is sort of high in the glycemic index.
I had leaky gut very badly and was highly allergic to quinoa after consuming it a few days in a row.

Rice is also problematic and is high in starch, contains sugar, and is inflammatory, and is higher in the glycemic index than quinoa:

You need to limit the amount of starch you eat daily and this is why items like carrots, corn, and potatoes should not be eaten on the diet. I have not added these items in regularly after 1.5 years on the diet like I said; if you eat these items I recommend eating them about once a week. Black, red rice, and wild rice a better alternatives to brown rice because they contain greater nutritional properties. Buckwheat is a good replacement; it only contains 25% starch, is a prebiotic that feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut, and it has similar taste and texture.

Almond milk is also problematic, especially when consumed in high quantites. Almonds contain molds and unless you roast them and soak them, they can significantly set back your progress from my experience. We do not recommend almond milk on the diet.

If you get candida symptoms after eating meals this means you are allergic to what you are eating and that you are feeding the beast. You need to test out each and every item separately to determine which items are problematic. Just because these items are listed as “safe” on some candida diet you have seen doesn’t mean that most people view these items as “safe” and that you can consume them all you want.

If you are working out and lifting weights this is not recommended because you need to heal your body and not build muscle mass. Working out drains your adrenals and we do not recommend until you feel better.

Also if you are not eating organic this can significantly set back your progress.

I don’t think anyone could get better eating this diet.