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PrettyInPink23 wrote: Ive recently read…garlic garlic garlic.

Smash a piece. Wrap in gause, tie a string and stick it in side for a few hours…do this everyday.

Anyone have luck with this? Cant hurt, its just garlic.

I wouldn’t do this as garlic could cause more irritation down there. I did have some success with injecting yoghurt, but what helped me most was baby cream, the one you put on babies for protection in diapers. That seemed to give me most relief until the diet started working. I had a swelling so bad I could not sit, but in first week of the strict diet (what Able sent you) the swelling went down a bit, and then second week the discharge was almost gone. It’s still red and slightly inflamed, but it’s completely bearable. I also had a bit of a setback this month and am trying to correct it now.

Since this seems to be your main symptom, I would also suggest going to the OBGYN and have a swab or just PAPA test done. I was due for my PAPA test anyway and it came back with mixed flora (which means that there are some bacteria and fungus involved). She gave me a medicine which contains nifuratel and nistatin plus she also gave me a probiotic which targets vaginal flora specifically (Lactobacillus reuteri and Lactobacillus rhamnosus strains). I am taking these probiotics together with my regular ones. This might help get it going with these symptoms while you repair your gut and get your immune system going full force again.

No matter what you do, stick with the diet, because even if your OBGYN does fix the problem it is only temporary until you zap it where it comes from and this is the intestines.

I know how you feel, I’ve had this problem most of my life and kind of just learned to cope with it. Never understood how serious of a problem it is until I got hit hard with tons of weird symptoms nobody could understand, this happened last year.

Good luck and I hope you find some relief pretty soon and are also candida free soon.