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kodaz2005;33428 wrote: Hi Able, when would you say returning to weight lifting is safe after starting the diet? I only really stopped when I did my cleanse and first week on the diet. It seems you have an opinion or some insight on this. I just hope it doesn’t negatively affect someone starting too early. I have been on the diet for 51 days and did a week cleanse prior.

This really depends on the individual and how many other problems he has going on besides the infestation, Kodaz. Really bad die-off symptoms are one reason you should hold off on an exercise program. The leaky gut syndrome should be on a definite mend, and your immune system should be healing. You can sometimes tell if your immune system is low by whether or not you have frequent colds, a sore throat, or sinus problems. All of these are problems that should begin to lessen once your immune system is healing.

There was no one to tell me about the die-off toxins, and I had no idea how sick I would be when I hit the infestation with the full strength of the diet and antifungals. Let’s just say I was extremely ill. Of course, being this sick, there was no way I could begin an exercise program until the die-off had reduced by at least 90%. But it all happened very quickly with me compared to the way the protocol is programmed to work, and I would never recommend this to anyone else. It was one of the most dreadful periods of my life.

You’ll just need to decide for yourself judging by the way you feel and by your symptoms. As I wrote, you don’t want to start an exercise program with die-off symptoms happening such as headaches and the feeling of being off balance.