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I have experienced the same thing but in opposite. My problem was the inability to loose weight, no matter what I did, no matter how few calories I ate.
(I realize this is not the norm around here)

However, my timeline is the same. I’m about 4-5 months into the diet and the weight is FINALLY coming off.

There is no rational reason for why I couldn’t control my weight before starting the strict protocol. I was eating 1200 or less every day for at least 6 months, and still 5’2″ 220 lbs. I started seeing doctors and doing doctor assisted weight loss programs and they assumed I was cheating when the weight didn’t budge.

I believe that it’s the Candida making us too skinny or fat.
I think people worried about starting the diet because they “can’t afford to loose more weight”, need to realize that the weight loss is a symptom and it will correct it’s self when you begin to heal.

peace & good health to all!