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turkishdelight;29320 wrote: Please tell me, bearing in mind that I am not allergic to anything and have no sensitivy in stomach

You are correct: dealing with candida and related symptoms/syndromes is mind boggling.

My hunch is your ears/nose and headaches are candida related as some people feel sinus infections are more typically yeast/candida than bacterial and perhaps a form of an allergic reaction due to candida caused leaky gut. When candida turns fungal it bores through the intestinal pores to enter the blood stream. The mycotoxins strain your immune system. Large molecule food particles can now pass through the enlarged intestinal pores which the body mounts an immune response to ‘invaders’. This strains the immune system further dealing with a type of false allergic response due to the food molecule size with every bite. The combo puts a strain on the adrenal/thyroid systems since they regulate much of the immune response.

I suspect, if you took your body temps, particularly the basal temp (temp upon waking) they would be low which is a red flag to adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid. Everyone who has complained about sinus issues which I also suffer from, have reported back low body temps even if they didn’t realize it prior. A lot of tail chasing here but, the more I seek the more convinced I am of how intertwined endocrine dysfunction is with candida: a which came first scenario. Supporting the adrenals/thyroids is built into this forum’s protocol: albeit subtly but, again they are all intertwined with issues like diet, vit/mins, iron, iodine, etc….