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Christian Rene Friborg
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turkishdelight;29317 wrote: I am just starting on my candida diet. I do not have any problems with my stomach such as bloating, indigestion, sensitivity etc. So surely then it is ok to eat gluten and wheat but preferably whole meal and whole wheat? My sensitivity is my nose/ears and headaches. I also feel very heavy and weak and worn out physically all of the time and it has been that way for decades. I have also read that it is ok to have yeast if it is cooked, i.e. toasted bread. And cheese if it is cooked. My main question please is this. I understand we cannot have sugar because it feeds the yeast but what about if we are buying something that only has about 1% sugar? Is this tiny amount acceptable? If we are not eating anything that includes then would a small amount of sugar be ok because there is nothing there to feed? I am taking various supplements and finding all of this confusing, very time consuming and trying my best. I live in the UK where doctors do not accept that there is such a thing as candida and would just give you more anti biotics and steroids, which I am sure made the problem or at least made it worse in the first place.

This made me sad but I think I should follow this. I also have a GERD and my doctor says to avoid eating fatty and spicy foods.