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Thank you so much for this. I had sort of calculated that I probably had leaky gut and this had caused the sinus/headaches/ears etc. I also have coated white tongue and bad teeth. I am also sure that it has only gone or become manageable since taking lots of vitamin c and garlic. But I have read too that having a lot of garlic can cause thyroid problems – lack of energy with some.I am soon to start taking curcumin, large doses of vitamin b, already taking kelp and selenium and pro biotics. I would like to know please if it is ok to sometimes have tiny amounts of sugar if you are buying for example a pre prepared sandwich paste which has a miniscule amount in it.
If it is ok to have cheese if it is goats or sheep or lactose free? If it is ok to have bread if it is just now and then and no yeast or kill the yeast by toasting? I want to do this right but I also do not want to eat horrible food all of the time if I can have something nice sometimes, or buy lots of expensive stuff if it is a waste of money!
I will be getting more vegetables – I never ate them before! and cutting out fruits. Is it ok to have potatoes if you do not eat the skins or make sure they are well washed first? I love potatoes.