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Here is my story here:

I kind of have stuck to the same strict diet for the last 3 years pretty much because its very solid. As I got better I added in more things and removed some things too. I highly recommend pumpkin because it will help heal the leaky gut quickly because of its anti-inflammatory properties. My diet for dinner is basically meat, grain, salad, and I used to eat breads (I might have to start doing this again). I am too lazy now to make the breads lol (except pumpkin pie muffin bread).

For breakfast I do something similar, bread, yogurt, grain (meat and eggs on weekends instead of bread). For lunch during the week I eat salad, grain, and fruit (weekends stage 3 is beans, grain, bread, fruit).

I’m nowhere near perfect either. I need to incorporate more nuts and more veggies in general and add something else in for lunch during the week.