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Try to drink A LOT of water. This seems to help me almost every time. I don’t have Molybdenum yet so this is what I do to survive. Since I have two small kids and just me taking care of them and work full time, I don’t have sauna and hot bath as an option during the day so I just drink as much water as I can gulf down. I drink two glasses of water as soon as I get up to get me started and noticed that I feel better overall since I started doing that. If I feel it coming back, I drink more water during the day. I usually feel better after that so try it and see if it is the same for you.

Down side of this method is that you soon catch yourself investigating where the bathroom/restroom is wherever you go hahahaha… Yesterday I had tough time as the restroom was busy at my clients, ouch! Managed to get to my parents who live near by, oh what a relief that was ha-ha!