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looking for the experts advice. I’ve been doing the regular candida diet for a week now along with antifungals (the weaker -olive leaf extract right now). I had some nausea the first couple days that went away but, I’ve had soft stool ever since that has gotten slightly better. I am now seeing that I should be taking a die-off remedie. I just had blood work 2 days ago that showed my ALT and AST liver enzymes elevated. I thought this was from the diflucan I was on the last couple months but, they said no b/c they were normal when I was on it more frequently so they wouldn’t go up now that I’m not taking it often. Now I’m worried. Why are these elevated? Could it be from die-off or coulsd I have something else wrong with me? Should I go find some die-off remedie to take and see if it helps it go down? Would any of these be appropriate?|Molybdenum%20-_-n|