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I started making my own kefir and it knocked me back to some of my pre-candida symptoms. After many months I finally got the poisoned body feeling to go away. I started on kefir, and some of those symptoms came back.

I have no idea if this was die-off or feeding the Candida. Kefir has yeast in it, and some kefir contains candida but not the pathogenic kind (from what they say, they being web blogs with no references), you have no way of truly knowing if it is in it or not. I want to drink kefir but I’m suspicious of it. It has a lot of good stuff in it, but if your immune system is compromised and your intestinal lining, gut bile and/or stomach ph is off, kefir maybe could cause issues? I don’t know. I don’t know any kefir experts. I will continue for the rest of this week on my kefir batches and keep you updated how I feel. Like our ancestors they had to experiment, I suppose that’s all we can do and just be sure to log all symptoms and reactions in a diary which I do.

I will say, my pre-candida brain fog didn’t come back however after drinking kefir, just this allergenic/poisoned like feeling I used to get–no energy, very sick feeling, etc. So, we’ll see! Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and get ill to get well, maybe it is die-off. Don’t know.