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boganmobile wrote:

I have been on diet for 3 months now and I still experience what I believed the die off. Whenever I change the new probiotic or antifungal, I will experience some headache and sick feeling.

I thought that the die off was supposed to be over after three months?
Understand there’s no set rule that says you have to be completely over all die-off symptoms in a specific length of time. Depending on how severe your infestation is/was as well as how intense your treatment is, you can still experience mild die-off many months after starting the diet. For example, a few weeks ago Raster wrote that he had been on the diet for nine months yet he believed that he was still experiencing mild die-offf occasionally.

The worst part of the die-off experience is usually over within a month, however, it can return at any time when a strong antifungal or probiotic is added and if there is enough of the overgrowth to cause die-off to occur, especially if precautions are not being taken to protect your body from the toxins.