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Hello, Diane.

Damage to the liver, unlike other organs in the body, can be reversed as the liver is the only organ which is capable of completely healing itself. However, repeatedly causing the liver to do this over and over again for an extended length of time is simply asking for trouble. To tell you exactly how long an ‘extended length of time’ is would be impossible as it depends on the degree of damage taking place on a regular basis over a period of time.

If you would feel safer, and until you receive the Molybdenum and Candidate, you could reduce the number of drops of oregano oil that you’re taking on a daily basis, perhaps to ten drops a day. The amounts of coconut oil and garlic pills are not too large to continue as they are.

I would seriously doubt that there is any danger of you contracting the diseases caused by the die-off toxin Aldehyde, mainly because you have not experienced a large number of die-off episodes and symptoms. If I remember correctly, you’ve only experienced one episode of really horrible die-off and that was after you had eaten a large amount of rutabaga. If this is correct, you have nothing at all to worry about.