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Able sunshine33 had some questions here I had have too. Not to ask the same stuff could you answer his questions.

Then I have some additional questions, could you help me with them?

I believe I have a leaky gut as I react to different foods. I tried to find out with a eating manual but dont get it really straight.

If one has a leaky gut why is one reacting only to some food leaking through the guts and not all foods. If food molecules cross into the bloodstream why is the body reacting to lets say, milk products and grains but not to squash, egg or aubergine.

Should a person with a leaky gut not be allergic to all that comes through the intestines.

Now we come to my question of healing a leaky gut. I am on a diet fighting of the candida. I still have the leaky gut problem and need healing on that front too. Here in Sweden I have problems to get real good and strong probiotics and was eating now for two days kefir and ecologist Turkish yoghurt. Strangely I got symptoms back I didn’t have for a long time when I stopped eating milk-products.
I feel my knees got a inflammation and hurt, and the muscles in my thighs are stiff and hurt. BUT My stomach feels good and I don’t have pain in the stomach after month of suffering a slide burning and pressing sensation.

I am doing something good for my stomach but get an allergic reaction. How can I get out of the loop of problems? Drinking the citron water, I feel its doing me good in one area and messing me up in another. I have much less mucus but I get itchy eyes and a terrible itch anus reaction.

I believe I have to heal the leaky gut quickly so I am able too to drink kefir and use citrone to clean my system.

Do you have any tips and pointers how I can battle on two fronts succesfully? How to heal the gut quickly?

thank you