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Thomas, check your yogurt to determine how much sugar is in it per serving. Greek yogurt has the lowest amount at 7-11g per serving. Regular yogurt has something like 20+g of sugar per serving. Thats why we recommend greek yogurt.

If you check your citron water, see what the ingredients are. If any sugar is mentioned, I would avoid it.

Great ways to cure leaky gut include the bitters; supposedly spanish bitters are one of the most effective and strong versions of biters. I would also eat plenty of rice and oat bran, this can heal the leaky gut as well. If you buy some inulin, you can add this to the breads/yogurt/anything which will also heal your gut. At our vitamin store here, the inulin is called miracle fiber.

I also take a homeopathic to heal the leaky gut but don’t want to promote homeopathics as a remedy.