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Hi Able,

Thanks for posting this. Candida is tough! I thought if I just followed the diet and cut out sugar I’d be fine. After a month of that, it’s getting worse. A few thoughts/questions on the things you wrote about leaky gut:

I eat a lot of broccoli, kale (which I assume works much like collard greens)and beans. I bought a Granny Smith apple, but haven’t tried it yet as my reactions this week make me feel like I’m not ready. I’ll keep up the broccoli, etc. and give the apple a try. Speaking of apple, is apple pectin an ingredient that is okay on anti-candida diet?

I thought inulin was bad for candida. Not sure where I read that, but I know I’ve been consciously avoiding it. I think I’ve seen it in some types of yogurts. I guess I’ll stop avoiding it!

Is it better to start eating rice bran and oat bran, or to just continue avoiding pretty much all grains? In the course of my treatment, I’ve eaten a very small amount of rice twice, and tried gluten-free Irish oatmeal but only had a couple of bites. I eat lots of nuts, seeds and beans, so that’s where I get most of my carbs.

You said yucca root contains a good intestinal anti-inflammatory agent — what do you do with yucca? I know I’ve seen it in the produce section. Does it need to be cooked?

I make a lot of curries and other dishes that use turmeric and other spices (trying not too make them too spicy hot though). In fact, I ate a very mild curry last night and leftovers today, but the turmeric, garlic, ginger, etc. certainly didn’t help with the inflammation I’ve been having, if that’s what this is.

I’ve been avoiding stress. I’m a contractor, and I actually cut back my hours two weeks ago to try and deal with this and keep stress and overexertion at bay. And I’ve been avoiding pretty much any stressful situations in my personal life as well.

I’ve heard good things about ashwagandha. I know it’s used in Ayurvedic medicine to support adrenals and also for energy and stress. I think I’ll try some. Have you ever taken it? Is is best to take whole plan/leaves/roots?

My ginger tea has licorice root in it, and black pepper which I think is another anti-inflammatory (it also has lemongrass and peppermint — yummy!). Is this something I should drink more often (right now I mostly drink one cup five times a week (at work).

Thanks for reading and any answers you can provide!