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I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing more symptoms. Drink plenty of water, sweat out the toxins if possible, or use some molybdenum to reduce symptoms.

I started at 150 pounds or so and then got down to 135 pounds; now I weigh about 145 pounds (my normal weight). As you get better, the weight will return because your body isn’t taxing itself to fight the candida.

Also, as you start phase 2, the phase 2 foods can help put on weight like almond butter, rice, etc.

My only suggestion is to try to eat 3-4 course meals. Add in buckwheat, kefir or greek yogurt, pumpkin pie muffin bread, salads, etc, and coconut bread if possible.

Another idea is to make a more nutritious bread. Instead of just coconut bread, make the buckwheat/coconut bread, or buckwheat/teff/coconut bread. These other flours can help with the weight gain and nutrition.

Other ideas include adding side veggies to meals such as broccoli, cauliflower, green beans (if its allowed, not sure), brussel sprouts, etc. I hate all of these items and will never eat them…however I am more interested in broccoli because of its health benefits.