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Munoz wrote: Hi everybody, days before I was concerned because I was taking SF722 and no die-off symtomps, well, they are back, I am still with the diet ( concern about my weight though) and taking the SF722 and oregano oil and garlic pills not at the same time but thru the day, I hope the combination is doing something, I feel dizzy, brain-foggy, sleepy and nauseas and itchy eyes again, besides I add coconut oil to my food, and take Multivitamins, calcium, molybdenum, Milk Thistle and Vitamin C.I did slow down with the Yogurt, just once a day, I love it, but I think I have an intollerance because my joints are swollen in the morning when I have a lot.
Anyone have a tip how to gain weight without messing up the diet ( I eat lots of avocado so that one does not help)

Hello, Munoz.

You can gain weight by eating lots of the coconut bread and taking teaspoons of the coconut oil throughout the day. Doing this is a sure way to gain weight, plus the extra coconut oil will serve as an additional antifungal.
You should either drop back on the amount of antifungals you’re taking or add Molybdenum to your supplements. Get the pill type at a dosage of 250 mcg per pill. You can take up to 250 mcg three times a day when die-off symptoms are at their worse, but start with just one dose a day. You can take it at any time of the day with or without food.

Molybdenum will protect and detox your body and especially the liver of the Candida poisons and toxins better than any other supplement available, and it does not accumulate in the body.
It’s very unhealthy and even dangerous for your body to be experiencing the die-off symptoms that you dexcribed.