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Munoz wrote: Hi everybody, days before I was concerned because I was taking SF722 and no die-off symtomps, well, they are back, I am still with the diet ( concern about my weight though) and taking the SF722 and oregano oil and garlic pills not at the same time but thru the day, I hope the combination is doing something, I feel dizzy, brain-foggy, sleepy and nauseas and itchy eyes again, besides I add coconut oil to my food, and take Multivitamins, calcium, molybdenum, Milk Thistle and Vitamin C.

I did slow down with the Yogurt, just once a day, I love it, but I think I have an intollerance because my joints are swollen in the morning when I have a lot.

Anyone have a tip how to gain weight without messing up the diet ( I eat lots of avocado so that one does not help)

I wish you all a blessed happy New Year!!

Thats strange, I had the same reaction to SF722. I felt great and didnt have problems and then wham it hit me after 3 days.
Did you make yourself, the cocconut bread from the forum here. I have the feeling after I started eating that one the loosing weight went much slower and stopped with me.