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kritter0622;30540 wrote: I am following the diet the doctor gave me. I am currently taking berberine and a product called Lipo-plus which includes a number of supplements including choline, inositol, dl-methionine, dandelion root, silybum seed, milk thistle, and a little bit of others.

If you’ll take the time to list the foods that are on your diet, we’ll have a look at them as that may be part of your problem. You should have experienced die-off symptoms long before two weeks were up. The other thing that I know is a big part of your problem is the berberine you’re taking. Do you know why the doctor put you on this, other than the fact that he isn’t very smart when it comes to a Candida overgrowth?

Not only does berberine cause potassium to be depleted from your body, but it also damages the intestinal lining and destroys the beneficial flora in the intestines. Building the flora is what will lead to your ultimate cure, but you’ll never accomplish that as long as your putting berberine in there. Sounds a little like the doc wants to keep you coming back indefinitely.