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Hello, Allie.

I know you hoped that this would be a quick process, as most people hope and even expect, but I’m afraid that for most people (obviously not all) curing ourselves of a Candida infestation is anything but a fast process. However, like I’ve said before, in the long run I honestly believe that Candida can be a blessing in disguise. That’s because a lot of people who experience Candida and see what the diet and other supplements can do for their health decide to continue with a better and healthier diet after they’ve cured their infestation, and therefore live healthier lives from that time on.

To answer your question, “… if I speed up the process and add more antifungals and a probiotic to my diet, will I get to feeling better faster?” Whether or not you would feel better faster is really just a guess. However, I’d guess that the chances are that your treatment could be shortened by doing this. I went through a horrible, horrible die-off experience just a short time before I started improving in a big way. But the trick is of course to keep it under control once you’ve killed enough of it. This is done by building communities of good bacteria in your intestines which in turn will keep the Candida under control.

I would definitely ask the naturopath about a good probiotic as well as prebiotics. Ask him/her to suggest a good, strong one for you, and in case the doc doesn’t mention it, a good probiotic can cause die-off symptoms. I would definitely purchase both the Candidate and Molybdenum before starting a probiotic, although the naturopath may have better remedies for the die-off to give you such as herb-mixtures if he/she does this. The same goes for strong antifungals.

Good luck with the doc.