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Hi, Allie.

You probably didn’t experience the die-off the first time on the diet because you weren’t really on the diet. As you stated, you were eating both fruits and whole grains. You may have killed off just enough of the Candida to feel a little difference, but if you were eating these daily, then just these two foods were enough to keep the majority of the Candida in your body fed and therefore alive, because a little goes a long way with Candida. Also, the Candida could have gone dormant for a short time, but the fact is that you were keeping the Candida alive so there was no die-off to experience.

But this time on the diet you’ve gone with it just about 100% it sounds like, plus you’ve added garlic to your regimen. Garlic is a pretty strong antifungal, and especially in the beginning can cause some die-off symptoms. And yes, the die-off is happening because you’re actually killing enough Candida now to make a difference in whether or not the die-off takes place.

Please keep this in mind: Just because you start to ‘feel better’ while on the diet does NOT mean that there are no Candida in your body. It takes a really long time to rid your body of the infestation, and it’s not going to happen in a couple of weeks or even a couple of months, plus, as I stated before, they could be in a dormant state just waiting for the environment to change so that they can strike again.

And it does sound like the symptoms you described were that of mild die-off. Sometimes if you’re just killing a small amount of the Candida on a regular basis, you’ll just experience the milder side of die-off on a continuous schedule. If the die-off bothers you enough to do something about it, there are products which can greatly reduce the effect of die-off. One is called Candidate by Native Remedies and the other should be easy to find in any health of vitamin store, it’s a natural trace mineral called Molybdenum. Both of these can help you a lot with the die-off.

Talk to us, ask questions, and you’ll learn more about this as time passes.