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Hello, Thomas.

Since it’s you that I’m writing to, I don’t need to ask the apparent question: “Have you eaten anything that isn’t on the diet?” Because I know you have not.

So my natural assumption is that what is happening with the thrush is a normal way of acting for the Candida albicans as your body is detoxing via the diet, antifungals, and probiotics. Sometimes old or new symptoms of a Candida infestation with show up during this time, especially if the infestation was an especially strong one. The Candida show up in different ways as they are literally fighting to keep a stronghold on your body. You’re simply experiencing symptoms of your body cleansing itself of the toxins and Candida.
Continue to use the oil-pulling therapy several times a day, with coconut oil if possible; this should take care of the problem eventually.

As far as the concern that you and Lucy have about food for the beneficial bacteria; of course to prevent the good bacteria from dying off because of the infestation, you will need to feed them as you’re adding probiotics.

“Prebiotics” as they’re called, are foods and herbs which feed the good bacteria in our system (because they contain inulin). Some of the major foods which act as prebiotics are oat bran, rice bran, broccoli, asparagus, fresh garlic, greens, onions, avocados, rutabagas, turnips, and cabbage (especially as sauerkraut).

Also, inulin is major constituent of the following herbs:
chicory root (this also contains other nutritional factors)
burdock root
dandelion root
elecampane root
yucca root – Yucca root will also reduce inflammation of the intestines which treats leaky gut syndrome as well as support the adrenals.
codonopsis (a Chinese herb)
chickweed – also helps heal the intestines (LGS)

Let me know if you have other questions, Thomas.