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Able900 wrote:

What’s your take on FOOD GRADE DIATAMACEOUS EARTH to help rid the body of toxic substances?

Hi, GB.

I wrote the statement below about diatomaceous earth t back in November under another subject.

“A product by the name of diatomaceous earth is one of the best parasite destroyers on the market, and it’s safe to take longer than 30 days. An herb to help improve the effectiveness diatomaceous earth is yucca root.”

By “parasites” I’m talking about protozoa, fungi, endotoxins, pesticides, viruses, drug residues, E-Coli, and you’re right, it also removes toxins and heavy metals from the body.

I know of no reason not to use it if you want to.

I will have to look into this! Able can you take this while following the diet and taking the supplements we are taking for the candida? Or should I stop taking all the stuff before doing this. E- Coli brings something to my memory of a lake that I swam in. I could be wrong though. But either way this will help with any parasites. Thanks so much for this post GB!!!

Also how do you use this product? I have looked it up and I am kind of confused. Do you put it in water? And if so how do you swallow the chalky substance? I also feel weird and honestly kind of scared to be taking something that normally is used on animals. But if it is safe I will try it. I just have to get through my supplements that I already bought before I restart my whole program. I dont want to waste any money.
Really wish I had more guidance from a doctor. I am very thankful to you, Able and Raster and everyone else that has been helpful.
God bless you for the time you spend here answering questions,