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I’m at a unhealthy body fat percentage for a male, around 3 to 4 %, I have eaten meat for my whole life. I will not be a vegan, it’s already hard as hell to cut out meat to even once a day. I need more calories and protein. I’m staying pretty strict and if I eat stuff that delays me a bit that’s ok for me however I’m being real good. Sibo and yeast is more difficult to eat because sibo doesn’t do good with buckwheat, coconut or oat bran. So my drs say in too dangerously low in weight and body fat. 131 pounds at 31 yr old male is not cool not healthy. I cut out the enzymes with Sugar now and will only use bitters. I was a marine and I’m an extreme person, I’ve never felt like a piece if glass until now so I’m making some strides and feeling better then I did months ago. Trying to find a happy medium on what to eat to gain weight is very stressful. I ve heard many people say sibo is not curable along with candidia. I don’t wanna stay on my diet forever but with what I’ve researched and hear I don’t like the answers or chances. I try and be positive but I have developed major changes goin from a ripped athlete to a skinnier bloated old man.