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Vegan Catlady;53811 wrote:

All these diets seem to be waste of time to be honest. I was on the Candida diet for a month and it didn’t really much. I am still having digestive Issues.

I think the best way to get rid of Candida is to get some really strong probiotics, some thing like 50 or even 100 billion strains ones and plus keep using a strong anti fungal medicine. Eventually the Candida should die off, it may take few months, but at least you wont have to go through the torturous diet.

^ of course during this period you should limit your Sugar and Gluten Intake because that helps Candida grow, but other then that just keep your normals meals going, with added fiber

How effective the diet is depends on where you are at in your suffering.
Medications can create resistant strains…and I have just seen someone else’s labwork showing that they are already dealing with a strain that is resistant to a popular medical antifungal.

Having digestive issues sounds like you can still eat to some extent, where some of us had to struggle with just eating lettuce after a really bad flare of overgrowth.

Probiotics will not effect candida at all in my experience.
What probiotics can do is re-establish itself AFTER you make room for them using a decent diet and a good cleanse.

I agree with you that the diet is not tolerable, no question. If you were a low-carber before this, then this diet is awesome.
If you were someone who ate high-carb, this diet is hell,lol.

Im attempting another route myself, this diet was too difficult for me,
but you cant PAY me to take a prescription anti-fungal now that I have done some research and hung out here to learn from other’s experiences….its truly a last resort.

Probiotics really help if you are having digestive problems with Candida like constipation. Candida grows in the intestines because of lack of Good bacteria. Good Strains of probiotic eventually repopulate the gut with good bacteria

Yes they have to be taken with other things in combo, but probiotics are the most important things in my opinion for the Gut. If you have Candida growth else where, then yes I agree different measure have to be taken. But if your main symptoms are in the Gut, then I think many of these strict diets are a waste. I personally think Cleanse is necessary maybe 5-7 days, that will kill a lot of Candida in the gut, but after that you should slowly start bringing regular foods in your system