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Well the cleanse doesn’t really do much in terms of reducing candida numbers. The combination of the clay and psyllium can cause chronic constipation, so we don’t recommend it. Check out this post about why:

We follow different stages in the forum, where stage 0 is the cleanse, stage 1 is the strict diet, stage 2 is less strict, and stage 3 is basically a healthy non-candida diet.

The vitamins and minerals you take vary person to person and should be based on deficiencies that you likely would have. I don’t know what you are deficient in so I can’t recommend anything specific.

In general, you should look at vitamins ABCDEK, biotin, and all trace minerals including calcium (if you are a woman), iodine, selenium, magnesium, zinc, etc. Then there are general nutritional and digestive supplements that you can take, which varies person to person. For instance, there are essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes or bitters, detox supplementsm, anti-inflammatories, HCL (hydro-chloric acid), etc. It all depends on your problems. If you have gas and fermentation in the gut you will need some HCL and digestive enzymes or bitters. If you have anxiety then you will need fatty acids, etc. There isn’t any one set of supplements that one should take.

I do have specific recommendations though…